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Welcome to Finding Franco, your fansite resource dedicated to James Franco! Since 2004, Finding Franco has been providing fans with all the latest news, photos, videos and more on James. Best known for his breakthrough role as Daniel Desarioon on 'Freaks and Geeks,' he was also nominated for an Oscar for his portrayal as Aron Ralston in '127 Hours.'

I’ve added 14 high quality images of James in his upcoming film, ‘I Am Michael.’ You can view them by clicking the thumbnail set below.

Here’s a short synposis for the film:

The controversial true story of a gay activist who rejects his homosexuality and becomes a Christian pastor.

Last year, Gia Coppola brought James Franco’s first collection of short stories to life in the coming-of-age drama “Palo Alto.” This year, two stories from Franco’s second short story collection, “A California Childhood,” get the big-screen treatment in “Yosemite.”

Written and directed by Gabrielle Demeestere, “Yosemite,” follows the intertwining tales of three 5th grade friends, Chris, Joe and Ted, in the suburban paradise of Palo Alto during the fall of 1985, as the threat of a mountain lion looms over the community.

As with “Palo Alto,” Franco has a role in the film, and in this exclusive clip, we get a brief introduction to his character.

“Yosemite” will close out the the Slamdance Film Festival on Jan. 29.



Hello all! I know I’m probably annoying you all with all these gallery updates so I’ll probably eventually stop. But, I just wanted to let you guys know that I’ve updated the gallery with movie screen captures, production stills, and behind the scenes photos of James from the 2014 film, ‘Palo Alto.’ The movie is based off of his book with the same name, and he got to play Mr.B in the film. I’ve read the book and watched the movie and I recommend both. I’ve also added screen captures from a behind the scenes video; if you’re interested, you can watch the video here. You can view those images by clicking the thumbnail sets below.

Additionally, I’ve added screen captures from 3 other films that James did. The first one is ‘Lovelace’, in which he had a small role. The second one is ‘Oz: The Great and Powerful’, and lastly, ‘The Broken Tower’, which James directed and wrote as well. You can view those by clicking the thumbnail sets below.

A month after its theatrical and VOD release, Sony’s The Interview will make its way to Netflix.

“We are thrilled to offer exclusively the controversial comedy, The Interview, to our US and Canadian members beginning this Saturday, Jan. 24 – just thirty days after it debuted in theaters and pay-per-view,” said CEO Reed Hastings in a letter to shareholders.

The comedy, starring Seth Rogen and James Franco, was initially released in theaters on Dec. 24 and on VOD platforms like Crackle, YouTube and Google Play.

Also on Tuesday, Sony Pictures Entertainment said that the film collected more than $40 millionin digital sales since its release in addition to its domestic theatrical take of nearly $6 million.


I’ve added HD movie screen captures of James as the character Alien in the 2013 film, ‘Spring Breakers,’ along with some behind the scenes photos that weren’t uploaded before. You can view those by clicking the thumbnail sets below.


I’ve added HD screen captures of James in the 2013 film, ‘This Is The End,’ in which he did with his good friend Seth Rogen. You can view them by clicking the thumbnail set below.

Earlier today, Werner Herzog fans got a dose of good news when it was revealed that his latest, “Queen Of The Desert,” will make its debut at the Berlin International Film Festival. And now, we’ve got the first image from the film.

Starring Nicole Kidman, James Franco, Robert Pattinson, Damian Lewis, and many more, the biopic tells the tale of Gertrude Bell, the traveler, writer, archaeologist, explorer, cartographer, and political attaché for the British Empire at the dawn of the 20th century who played a crucial role in the development of the Middle East.


I’ve added the first production still of James to the gallery.

I’ve added HD screen captures of James from his 2013 film, ‘Homefront.’ You can view those by clicking the thumbnail sets below.

I’ve also added screen captures of James from his cameo in the 2014 film, ‘Veronica Mars.’ He was only in the movie for a couple of minutes, but, regardless, I’ve added screen captures those to the gallery.


I’ve added new matching themes to the site designed by sin21. I hope you like it, and I’ve also made a twitter and Facebook for the site so make sure to follow to get the latest updates! Again, please bare with me while I catch up with everything in the gallery and update the site pages. I hope you enjoy the new themes!

I’ve added screen captures of James in a film he did in 2014 titled, ‘Good People.’ You can view them by clicking the thumbnail set below.

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