James Franco, always having had an interest in painting and the arts as his outlet, has finally begun to publicly display some of his artwork at the Glu Gallery in Los Angeles, California. His first opening party was held at the Glu Gallery on Saturday January 7, 2006. The Glu Gallery, which is located on 7424 Beverly Blvd. is also home to many other artists wishing to display their talents to the public.


‘James Franco, the noted actor, director, artist is exhibiting his latest pieces on canvas for the first time at Glu gallery.

The actor spends his free time painting with oils and acrylics. Franco was born in Palo Alto, Calif., to aspiring artists. His late grandfather was a cartoonist, and grandmother Mitzie Verne runs a Japanese art gallery in Cleveland. Franco calls his grandmother a great influence. ‘She took me to Japan to meet artists there. One even invited me to live with him for a year. I didn’t, and now I regret it.’

Instead, he majored in English at UCLA. Then, against his parents’ wishes, he dropped out to study acting. ‘They had ideas of how I should proceed in life. I was confused. I still felt obligated to my parents’ wishes.’ They told him that if he quit school he’d have to support himself, so he got a job at McDonald’s. He worked on his acting skills by practicing accents on drive-through customers.

Now that he’s a rising star, of course, his family couldn’t be prouder.

And we are proud to present James Franco and his magnificent art pieces at our gallery.’

Here are some pieces from James’ January art exhibit (check out the gallery for larger versions):